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Nepal River Rafting & White River Rafting in Nepal

At Mission Eco Trek we offer day and multi-days of white water river rafting trips and vacations on different rivers in Nepal for all levels of age and ability. We book Nepal river rafting trips for all levels, such as whitewater rafting tour for families with kids, wilderness trips and advanced runs at the best cost in the market as we have everyday departure river rafting tour packages to Trishuli river rafting and Bhotekoshi river rafting. Join us today and enjoy white river rafting Nepal.

Being the best rafting company in Nepal, We offer whitewater rafting on Nepal's rivers all year around. Nepal rafting trips vary from mild and great for families to river trips exclusively for physically fit, experience rafters. No matter what type of river adventure you are searching, Nepal Whitewater Ratfing operator can make it happen for you. Check it up, some of our best selling river rafting packages in Nepal. Safety is our first priority. We use only the best quality inflatable rafts made of heavy gauge nylon and hypalon material. Each raft has six independently inflated air compartments to ensure maximum safety and comfort. 

Nepal river rafting best time of year is from October to mid December and March to early May. The winter season makes rafting at high altitudes impossible, while white water rapids are too dangerous in the summer monsoon months. Gentler and lower stretches of rivers can be accessible all year round.